Specialist in Providing Children’s and Adults’ Beds, Bedding and Mattresses

Kokoon for Kids was established at Horizon Plaza as a subsidiary of the parent company Kokoon which was established in 2002 and is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of adults’ and children’s beds, mattresses, furniture and other co-ordinating accessories.

Kokoon also represents international brands such as Tontine (Australia’s No.1 manufacturer of quilts and pillows) and Intex (the world’s biggest manufacturer of inflatable airbeds, kids’ blow up swimming pools, furniture and other fun items).

Kokoon for Kids is the first store in Hong Kong dedicated to providing 100% solid wood furniture for children and now carries Hong Kong’s biggest range including our ever popular bunk beds which are natural and safe and provide a popular modular, flexible furniture solution that grows with your children.

In October 2013, Kokoon moved its flagship store to Cyberport and had opened “Kokoon For Kids” stores at various retail locations.

Kokoon For Kids provides the largest range of modular bunk bed options in Hong Kong that can be separated into two beds or turned into other configurations within the flexible, modular system.

The timber for the furniture is all sourced from fast growing sustainable pine forest in New Zealand as well as Northern Europe and unlike most of our competitors it is not manufactured from Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) which consists of wood fibres bound together with resins, commonly formaldehyde, which may emit volatile fumes at concentrations considered unsafe for at least several months after manufacture.

Kokoon will continue to expand its range of children’s furniture to take advantage of the ecological, safety and aesthetic qualities of 100% solid wood furniture.

As an established 16 year-old company, we are proud of building our business one bed at a time (we do not rely on advertising) and we earn our solid reputation by word of mouth.