Mattress technology has developed and evolved over the years and certain mattress brands have set the benchmark in the markets, so choosing a mattress is as much cultural as it is a personal choice. Some customers who go for “brands” and spend a lot on a mattress find that they have not purchased the right mattress and end up coming to Kokoon for help! We have an international clientele. We have customers who want pure latex, we have customers who prefer pocketed spring mattresses, we have customers who prefer memory foam, we have customers who prefer a mattress that is comprised of a combination of materials.

We can custom make mattresses to your requirements and in certain cases, shape requirements, for example, boat live-aboard customers where the beds may be an odd shape. A mattress with rounded corners to fit a four poster bed. A foldable style Super King mattress for the ease of delivery. “His & Hers” mattress – an integral whole mattress with one half firmer than the other.
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Kokoon Mattress with Double-sided Memory Foam or Latex Pillow Top


Kokoon Mattress with Plush Memory Foam or Latex Pillow Top